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Grip-It - Dog Bowl Holder
Cumbrian Ring - Dog Bowl Holder
Waste-Not Hay Rack
Sliding Tie-up Ring

Whats New

Grip-It Dog Bowl Holder
Designed to stop dogs playing with their bowl after feeding. The holder is fitted with a lockable clip. The Grip-it can be bolted to wire mesh or screwed to the wall. Available in 2 sizes for use with 9" or 10" Stainless steel bowls. (Bowls not included)


  • Can be wire or wall mounted
  • Bowl is secured with locking clip

Prod Code: GP9Grip-it 9 inch £ P.O.A
Prod Code: GP10Grip-it 10 inch £ P.O.A

Cumbrian Ring - Dog Bowl Holder NEW
This design was asked for by dog handlers to take the Stainless steel bowls 8", 9" amd 10". The Cumbrian ring is designed to be portable and to fit on the wire mesh of a dog cage. (Bowls not included)


  • Can be wire mounted

Prod Code: CR8 Cumbrian Ring 8" £ P.O.A
Prod Code: CR9 Cumbrian Ring 9" £ P.O.A
Prod Code: CR10 Cumbrian Ring 10" £ P.O.A

Waste-Not Rack
The Waste-Not hay rack is a design asked for sheep farmers. The rack is 457mm deep so that when it is hooked on the side of a pen, the bottom of the rack is near to the ground, so stopping the sheep from getting underneath and getting hay seeds on their fleece. Its round design also means it can fit tight in to the corner of pens. This rack has also been used for angoras and for feeding branches to goats.

  • Fits in to the corner of pens
  • Zinc plated bright steel construction
  • Will stack for transport
  • Bar gap spacing 51mm (2") on the sides and mesh base

Top Dia.
254mm, Bottom Dia. 229mm, Height 457mm
(Top Dia. 10", Bottom Dia. 9", Height 18")

Prod Code: WN1Waste-Not Rack £ P.O.A

Sliding Tie-up Ring
This bracket srewws to the wall and allows the animal when tied up to move its head up and down, but not walk away.
Prod Code: STUSliding Tie-up Ring £ P.O.A
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