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High 'T' - Dog Bowl Stand
Grip-It - Dog Bowl Holder
Cumbrian Ring - Dog Bowl Holder NEW
Dog Bowls - Stainless Steel
Dog Bowls - Plastic

The High 'T'
This stand gives the correct feeding or drinking position for the larger dog. The stand is available in two forms as either a fixed height stand or as a adjustable height stand, which can be changed in height from 10" to 18" (measured from ground level to bowl top) to suit your dog or increased as you dog grows.

Adjustable Height Stand
The adjustable bowl stand is for use with standard 9" or 10" stainless steel dog bowls which fit in to the stand. An optional bowl clip kit is available for the adjustable stand which enables you to lock the bowl to the stand with two over centre clips stopping the bowl from being lifted out.

For use with stainless steel bowls below (Prod Code SDB9, SDB10) (bowls not supplied)
.Bowl Size HeightPrice
Prod Code: HT1010" Bowl 10" - 18" Adjustable £ P.O.A
Prod Code: HT99" Bowl 10" - 18" Adjustable £ P.O.A
Bowl Clip Kit for use with Adjustable Stand (Models HT10, HT9). Using this kit the bowls can be secured by two over centre clips to the stand stopping the bowl from being lifted out.
Prod Code: HTCKBowl Clip Kit£ P.O.A/per stand

Fixed Height Stand
The fixed bowl stand is a lot smaller than the 'adjustable' in height being fixed to 9" or 10". This stand uses plastic dog bowls which slot over the top of the stand.
(Bowls not supplied)

For use with plastic dog bowls below (Prod Code DBS, DBL)
.Bowl Size HeightPrice
Prod Code: DBS8" Bowl 10" Fixed £ P.O.A
Prod Code: DBL7" Bowl 9" Fixed £ P.O.A

Grip-It Dog Bowl Holder
Designed to stop dogs playing with their bowl after feeding. The holder is fitted with a lockable clip. The Grip-it can be bolted to wire mesh or screwed to the wall. Available in 2 sizes for use with 9" or 10" Stainless steel bowls. (Bowls not included)


  • Can be wire or wall mounted
  • Bowl is secured with locking clip

Prod Code: GP9Grip-it 9 inch £ P.O.A
Prod Code: GP10Grip-it 10 inch £ P.O.A

Cumbrian Ring - Dog Bowl Holder NEW
This design was asked for by dog handlers to take the Stainless steel bowls 8", 9" amd 10". The Cumbrian ring is designed to be portable and to fit on the wire mesh of a dog cage. (Bowls not included)


  • Can be wire mounted

Prod Code: CR8 Cumbrian Ring 8" £ P.O.A
Prod Code: CR9 Cumbrian Ring 9" £ P.O.A
Prod Code: CR10 Cumbrian Ring 10" £ P.O.A

Dog Bowls

Plastic Dog Bowls
Stainless Steel Dog Bowls
Bowls 9" and 8" Diameter, ideal for water.
(Will fit Fixed Height High 'T's)
Bowls 8", 9" and 10" Diameter,
ideal for food or water.
(Will fit Adjustable Height High 'T's)
.Plastic Dog Bowls - (available in red or blue)
Prod Code: DBL8" Plastic Dog Bowl £ P.O.A
Prod Code: DBS7" Plastic Dog Bowl£ P.O.A

.Stainless Steel Dog Bowls
Prod Code: SDB88" Dog Bowl £ P.O.A
Prod Code: SDB99" Dog Bowl £ P.O.A
Prod Code: SDB1010" Dog Bowl £ P.O.A
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