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Hoof Shears
Kid Feeding Bottles and teats
Bottle Rack
Capriclense- Disinfectant Cleanser
Capriglo - Animal shampoo
DELETE - Louse Powder
Show Stopper Seat
Show Number Clip
Sliding Tie-up Ring

Hoof Shears

Hoof Shears
Myti-Lyte Hoof Shears
Professional hoof shears
Suitable for small hands
Prod Code: E2Professional hoof shears £ P.O.A
Prod Code: E3Myti-Lyte Hoof Shears £ P.O.A

Kid Feeding

Kid Feeding Bottles
Kid Bottle Teats

Kid Feeding Bottles
Milk feeding bottles suitable for kids or lambs The bottles are easy-fill wide necked, 500ml polycarbonate bottles which are fully boilable for easy cleaning and calibrated, with non-vac teats.
(Suitable for Bottle Rack below)
Prod Code: F3Feeding Bottle£ P.O.A

Kid Bottle Teats
Prod Code: F4Spare Non-vac teats (for above feeding bottle (F3))£ P.O.A
Prod Code: F5Pritchard Screw-on teat£ P.O.A
Pritchard screw-on teat with flutter valve. Fits 28mm (1") screw thread.
Prod Code: F6Pull-on teat £ P.O.A

Bottle Rack
Feed up to four kids at once. The rack will take various bottle sizes. Designed to fit over doorway kick board.
(Bottles not included)
Prod Code: BRBottle Rack £ P.O.A

Capriclense is an all purpose disinfectant cleanser. It is suitable for sterilisation of buildings and dairy utensils. It also makes an excellent udder wash. Available in 568ml (1 pint) heavy duty bottles.
Prod Code: HC1 Capriclense £ P.O.A

Capriglo animal shampoo contains a unique polymer conditioner which is antistatic, non-irritant . Available in 480ml bottles sufficient for approx. 16 applications.
Prod Code: HS1 Capriglo £ P.O.A

Delete contains three natural repellents - piperonal plus cedarwood and tea tree oils - finely dispersed on to a safe, nontoxic base to produce a smooth, aromatic free-flowing powder.
Prod Code: HD1 1 kg Delete Louse powder £ P.O.A
Prod Code: HD2 Louse powder (250ml Shaker) (ideal for chickens) £ P.O.A

Show Stopper Seat
Portable hook on seat designed to fit on to hurdles. Ideal for lambing time or shows.
Prod Code: SS1Show Stopper Seat£P.O.A

Show Number Clip
The easy way to attach your number to your coat.
Prod Code: SNCShow Clips2 Clips for £ P.O.A

Sliding Tie-up Ring
Allows the animal when tied up to move its head up and down.
Prod Code: STUSliding Tie-up Ring £ P.O.A

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