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Milking Bench
Stainless Steel Milking Bucket
Milk Bags
 Milk Filters
 Udder Wipes
Udder Creams

Milking Bench
This wooden milking bench incorporates a head restraint and bucket ring for a feeding bucket and non slip rubber mats on the bench deck. Just undo two wing nuts and with not additional tools needed the milking bench folds flat for storage or transport to shows. The bench is available in two variants for right or left hand milking.(right hand
version illustrated below) (Bucket not included))

  • Easily folds for transport or storage
  • Incorporates a head restraint
  • Bucket ring for the feed bucket
  • Left or right hand versions
  • Non slip rubber mats on bench deck

Prod Code: MBLHLeft Hand Milking Bench £ P.O.A
Prod Code: MBRHRight Hand Milking Bench £ P.O.A

Stainless Steel Milking Bucket
6 litre squat heavy duty buckets.
Prod Code: MBDSquat Milking Bucket £ P.O.A

Milk Bags
One Pint/ 568ml.(400 gauge) Printed with 'Goats Milk' heading.

Prod Code: MB100Per 100 bags £ P.O.A
Prod Code: MB500Per 500 bags £ P.O.A
Prod Code: MB1000Per 1000 bags £ P.O.A
Prod Code: MB2500Per 2500 bags £ P.O.A

Milk Filters
165mm (6.5") Diameter
Prod Code: MF65Per 100 filters£ P.O.A

190mm (7.5") Diameter
Prod Code: MF75Per 100 filters£ P.O.A

Udder Wipes
Wipes with added lanolin for the routine cleansing of the udder and teats prior to milking.
(160 full size wipes per dispensing can)
Prod Code: UWUdder Wipes £ P.O.A

Capritect udder cream to assist in the prevention of mastitis. It assists in the healing of cuts and can be used on any part of the animal. It is both antiseptic an detergent properties which have been incorporated into a rapidly absorbed vanishing cream. (available in 1lb (454g) resealable tubs)
Prod Code: UC1 1lb (454g) Resealable tubs £ P.O.A

Capritect Gold
A Unique udder rub that incorporates Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Calendula oils along with the more common Peppermint. The have natural antiseptic properties and encourage blood circulation in the udder and teats. The addition of precipitate Sulphur and Vitamin E add to it protective qualities.
Prod Code: UCG2 500gm Hook Up Tubes £ P.O.A
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