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Bucket Rings
Bucket Rings are available in two types: The Show Ring or hook-on type and House Ring or screw-on type. Each is available in 3 different sizes to fit different standard bucket sizes 1.25, 2 and 3 gallon buckets. Both rings hang down flat when not in use.
Please click on the following link for our range of Quality Buckets for use with these holders.

Hook on Type
Show Ring
Screw on Type
House Ring

(with bucket clip)

Working Demonstration

Click the above link to view a demonstration of how the rings work.
Bucket Ring Sizes
SizeRing DimensionsTo fit bucket type
Size 18" (204mm) Ring 1.25 Gallon (5.7Lt) Calf Bucket
Size 2 10" (254mm) Ring2 Gallon (9 Lt) Dumpy Bucket
Size 3 12.5" (368mm) Ring3 Gallon (27Lt) Builders Bucket
Show Ring
Prod Code: SR1Size 1 Show Ring £ P.O.A
Prod Code: SR2Size 2 Show Ring £ P.O.A
Prod Code: SR3Size 3 Show Ring £ P.O.A
House Ring (supplied complete with bucket clip)
Prod Code: HR1Size 1 House Ring £ P.O.A
Prod Code: HR2Size 2 House Ring £ P.O.A
Prod Code: HR3Size 3 House Ring £ P.O.A


Security Stamped
If you request we can security stamp your name or prefix in to the Show Rings. Please ask when ordering.
Bucket Ring Clip Kits
This pack contains two clips for adding to older Bucket Ring models or to Show Rings which are not supplied with the bucket clip.
Prod Code: CK2Clip Kit (for size 1 and 2 Bucket Rings)£ P.O.A
Prod Code: CK3Clip Kit (for size 3 Bucket Rings)£ P.O.A
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